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Prolog Cast Fan Art MiniComics
DISCLAIMER:   What you see and read inside the "Cross Time Cafe" here in no way reflects or affects what is happening inside the Official Online Canon of anyone artist's currently running storyline.  What takes place inside the "Cross Time Cafe" is all in fun and silliness; and should not be taken seriously.


From the Little Unicorn

JUL 18, 2014

      Page 099 of "Beneath The Catacombs" will be uploaded on JUL 18 to Patreon.  Page 070 to "Teaching Flo To Ride" will be uploaded on JUL 21 to Patreon, but only available for viewing by my patrons.  The previous pages (001 to 048) are still available for viewing.

      "Beneath The Catacombs" is still free for viewing... but support would be deeply appreciated.

      You may consider becoming a patron for only a $1.00 ... how it works is: for each page of "Teaching Flo To ride" I submit, for my patrons, those patrons are charged one dollar.  For example-- I plan to submit one patron page for "Teaching Flo To Ride" each week.  This would total to 4-pages for each month.  Each $1-patron would therefore only be charged a total of $4.00 for the month.  There are two other levels to being a patron: $5.00 and $10.00 per patrons' page.  The higher patron levels receive additional benefits, such as high-rez copies of certain page-panels and/or high-rez copies of 3d renders of other artwork.

      There is a safety net in place for those of you who might be concerned about being charged to much/month.  You can set a limit amount for each month... however, I do not intend to be irresponsible to my patrons by cranking out endless material in the attempt at being greedy-- my ethics will not allow me.


Beneath The Catacombs

      The storyline, "Beneath The Catacombs," (which updates on Fridays,) follows a unique Unicorn Guardian into the depths of a complex underground system of catacombs, dark tunnels, giant caverns and a mysterious lost empire; to find and rescue an ancient adversary.

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Teaching Flo To Ride

      The second storyline, "Teaching Flo To Ride," (which updates on Mondays) follows Florence asking Beth, The White Guardian, to teach her how to ride a motorcycle.   Unknown to Florence is her simple request leads her to all new adventures far beyond her experience.

      For New Readers, to "Teaching Flo To Ride," the Beginners Guide can be found through this link.


New Readers Start Here

Copyright and Credit:
  · Florence, Sam, Robots and Dr. Thurmad from "Freefall" © Mark Stanley.
  · Jenny and Jack from "21st Century Fox" © Scott Kellogg.
  · Kathy from "Carry On" © Kathy "Garrison" Kellogg.
  · Mzzkiti from "Freighter Tails" © Bill Redfern.
  · Sleepy John © Sleepy John, Creator of "NEOCTC."
  · Koz © Chris Kozloski, Creator of "By The Saints."
  · KY/Kyota © Maniac Wolfman.
  · Roy Calbeck © Scott Malcomson.
  · White Pony and Beth TWG © S.Kidwell.
JUL 18, 2014

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