· Rough Sketch Art by Mark Stanley - Pen & Color by S.Kidwell.
· 3D Background by Den "Batty" Whitton.

White Pony's Patience
Cast our sight upon each other in binding, tender gaze
      My wait for your return could not be measured in mere days.
Eons of such loneliness, all the while my poor heart aches,
      But Iíll settle for no other, however long the waiting takes.
When as a cherub (or a pup) the vessel of your soul I saw,
      To soon though could I manifest, and aching all the more.
As you matured, I must confess to pulling certain strings,
      Only with good intentions, yet there were some silly things.
Now at last our voices meet with so much to discuss,
      Resting at the waters edge, the here and now belongs to us.

-- by Stephan.

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DISCLAIMER:   What you see and read inside the "Cross Time Cafe" here in no way reflects or affects what is happening inside the Official Online Canon of anyone artist's currently running storyline.  What takes place inside the "Cross Time Cafe" is all in fun and silliness; and should
not be taken seriously.
Copyright and Credit:
  · Florence, Sam, Robots and Dr. Thurmad from "Freefall" © Mark Stanley.
  · Jenny and Jack from "21st Century Fox" © Scott Kellogg.
  · Kathy from "Carry On" © Kathy "Garrison" Kellogg.
  · Mzzkiti from "Freighter Tails" © Bill Redfern.
  · KY/Kyota © Maniac Wolfman.
  · Roy Calbeck © Scott Malcomson.
  · White Pony © S.Kidwell.
AUG. 05, 2006

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